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Kolbeck Dental Weninar in a Box


“Webinar in aBox”
This webinar consist of two hours Virtual Hands On Complete Dentures.

Materials will be ship to your address and a date will be set to complete two hours of demonstration and hands on.

List of materials you receive when ordering the “Webinar in a Box”
OMP Occlusal Template.
U/L Edentulous Models
U/L Prefabricated Wax Rims
OMP mounting bite
OMP Red/Blue Pencil
OMP Booklet
1x14 Set of Denture Teeth
A little piece of Foam (For polishing Wax)
Articulator Paper
Denture Babes Colored Wax

A Certificate of Achievement will be Emailed in a PDF format.

CDT Credits can be obtained upon request.

After Ordering Please Contant Kolbeck Dental on Facebook or Instagram

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